Friday, 7 January 2011

Books and technology

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Recently I’ve begun to notice that along with mobile phones, stores are also promoting a range of e-Readers. There seems to be a steady stream of companies releasing their version of the e-Reader device.

It got me thinking about technology in general and its integration into just about every aspect of our lives. Do I hear unified groans? Well, bear with me on this one.  That’s it though. Just the mention of the word triggers all sorts of emotive responses – fear, excitement, and disinterest for some. However it makes us feel though, technology is very much here to stay – think of leisure, the home, education and work – just a few examples. We would be hard pressed to live without it.

What about the impact of information technology? How has it affected the way that you organise your life and interact with the people around you? Personally, I see a lot of good things coming from technology… information… mobile or otherwise (although, I’d be the first to admit that there are also things that are not so good about it). Some would argue, for example, that technology is responsible for the weakening of local communities…that people appear to communicate more via the internet than through face to face communication. Whilst their arguments may be justified, on the other hand, the benefits of information technology can be seen even at a global level.

Returning to my thoughts about the increasingly popular eReader, I was delighted to discover that I too could download the mobile versions of several eReaders plus eBooks and enjoy my reading through a mobile (phone) device. Seeing that my resolve is to increase the number of Christian books that I read this year, I was slightly disappointed to realise that the range of Christian eBooks on offer isn’t nearly as broad as the selection of eBooks being made available to the more secular audience.

Does anyone else have thoughts and / or experience of buying christian eBooks? How have you found the experience? What do you think of the whole eBook versus book idea? 

Feel free to post your comments below. Look forward to hearing from you? 

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